1. General

All orders are subject to these conditions of sale and cancel any difference that may appear in the terms included in previous publications.

2. Orders

Orders will only be binding upon receipt of the proforma invoice accepted and signed by the buyer together with the required payment advance and the corresponding conformity of the design to be reproduced. For technical reasons, any order may suffer a variation in delivery of up to ± 5% with respect to the quantity requested. The amount to be invoiced will be the one actually served. The proforma will be valid for 30 days from its issuance.

Confirmation of orders must be made by fax or e-mail. We recommend the exhaustive revision of the designs (images, data, texts, …) before their conformity because, once accepted by the client, Pad’s World, SL declines all responsibility, being exonerated for any error or omission in the same, being this responsibility solely and exclusively of the client.

It must be taken into account that the color test sent to the client may show differences in the tones compared to the finished product. It will depend on the monitor in which you visualize the test and the calibration of your peripherals. The final print is made directly on textile or plastic, which is not 100% transparent, so there could be variations in colors or shades allowed in the sectors of graphic arts and textile industry.

If the client wishes it, and since the scanning, layout and design of the works are not included in the prices, we can provide this service, after acceptance of the corresponding budget.

Pad’s World SL assumes that all the badges, brands and other graphic signs that appear in the designs that you deliver for reproduction, have the appropriate authorization, rights or licenses for their use for industrial and commercial purposes, exempting us from any claim that may arise in this regard.

Production costs: flat colors will be considered flat colors without frames or gradients. If the design contains frames, gradients or shading, it will be considered process color. White is also considered a color, since we work with transparent supports.

3. Prices

All prices in this tariff are expressed in euros [€]. Taxes not included. The right to modify prices without prior notice is reserved, especially in the event of fluctuations in raw material costs.

4. Delivery deadlines

The delivery times shall be understood exclusively as indicative, and shall be deemed fulfilled from the time the carrier is made available. The delay in the delivery of an order can not, in any case, lead to the cancellation of the same or a request for compensation.

Generic service: 20-30 days from the day after receipt of order confirmation and design next to the corresponding advance payment.

Express Service: Option of urgent service for deliveries between 10-15 days from the day after receipt of order confirmation and design with the corresponding advance payment. This option supposes a price increase of 10% on the unit price.

5. Shipment

Transport cost not including/To quote.

It is explicitly stated that the responsibility of getting the goods to destination in good condition is, in all cases, the transport company. However, Pad’s World, SL declares to have an Insurance Policy formalized to guarantee the coverage of the material sent in exceptional circumstances. Pad’s World, SL will not assume the responsibility attributable to the transport company for delays in delivery, for reasons such as: strike, adverse weather conditions, breakdowns, etc., as well as any other case of force majeure. In such cases, Pad’s World, SL will be expressly empowered to reasonably extend the agreed delivery period.

6. Payment

Bank transfer of 50% upon order confirmation. 50% remaining by bank transfer in advance of the shipment of the merchandise. Pad’s World, SL will communicate via email, the completion of the manufacturing of the order and the full disposition of sending it. From that moment, the client has a maximum period of 15 DAYS to complete the payment. After this period has elapsed without the payment having been completed, the unpaid amount will accrue interest for late payment at the legal rate of reference. In the same way, this fact will empower Pad’s World, SL to claim 50 € per month for the deposit and storage of the merchandise.

7. Incidents

Before any incident detected at the time of delivery of the goods, the buyer must communicate in writing the details that originate the same within 4 days after the date of shipment of the goods. After the deadline no claim will be accepted.

If, on the contrary, it were a hidden defect not recognizable in the immediate review of the merchandise, they will have a term of 30 days from the reception thereof, and must be claimed in writing.

In case of defective items, the merchandise will be returned to Pad’s World, SL postage due, through the transport agency that it designates, being necessary the prior authorization for the shipment. Any return that has not been authorized will not be accepted, nor will delivery by post be made by an agency other than that communicated by Pad’s World, SL. The vices or defects in a part of the supplied merchandise, does not authorize the claim of the totality of the same.

In the event that Pad’s World, SL is outside the causes that cause the incident and it is necessary to partially or fully replace the goods supplied, it will be considered as the object of a new order. Its process and treatment will be those included in clause “6. Payment”. Pad’s World, SL is committed to process and manufacture any replacement by incident with the consideration of “urgent” to serve it as soon as possible.

8. Guarantee

Pad’s World, SL guarantees the quality of its products in accordance with what is expressly specified in each of them and, failing that, as provided by law.

The guarantee will be automatically extinguished in the event of misuse, inadequate storage or other similar manifest causes that may have caused the deterioration of the goods supplied. Conservation recommendations vary depending on the product requested.

9. Product

Pad’s World, SL reserves the right to modify the technical and presentation characteristics of its products, as well as to suspend production at any time for justified reasons without prior notice, and without this circumstance empowering the customer to be able to claim any type, unless the order is confirmed and paid.

10. Limitation of guarantee

In case of slight negligence or breach of fundamental obligations, Pad’s World will only respond for direct and foreseeable damages caused by the reasonable and habitual use of the product. Any other type of liability claim is excluded regardless of the legal nature of the claim made.

11. Resolution, withdrawal and compensation

Pad’s World, SL reserves the right to terminate and / or cancel the executed contract or the rejection of the request for a just cause, such as, for example, that the design to be reproduced contains images, text or information that is pornographic or contrary to morality, principles and rights recognized and protected by the Spanish Constitution.

On the other hand, once the client has accepted the proforma invoice, he has 30 days to execute the aforementioned order. If not, and being motivated by reasons beyond Pad’s World, this reserves the right to issue a charge for the amount of 25% of the total order for management and procurement of raw material.

12. Consent

The client authorizes Pad’s World to publish on the web or deliver samples at the fair of the works reproduced and manufactured as a reference. In case of not granting this consent expressly, the client must inform Pad’s World within 10 days of the delivery of the merchandise.

13. LOPD

Responsible: Pad's World SL. Purpose: provide the requested services and send commercial communications. Rights: your right to access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, indicated in the additional information, which you can exercise directly at support@padsworld.com or C/ Mirabuenos 7C – 03610 Petrer (Alicante). 

14. Submission to Courts and Applicable Law

For any question that may arise between the parties and especially in case of litigation, these, expressly waiving their jurisdiction, expressly submit to the Courts of Elda [Alicante] Spain.

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