Once an order is received, our Sales Department shall issue a pro-forma invoice containing all the applicable details and conditions. This pro-forma is submitted to the customer, who is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of these details before returning it, duly signed, to proceed with the order.

Pad’s World presupposes that any hallmarks, trademarks and other graphic signs contained within the artworks submitted for reproduction are duly licensed to be used for industrial and commercial purposes. If that were not the case, then the customer would provide Pad’s World with written notice of that fact within 10 days of receiving the pro-forma invoice. In any case, Pad’s World reserves the right to not reproduce the artwork for this reason. Finally, Pad’s World shall not be liable for any claim arising out of customer’s failure to comply with this condition.

On the other hand, any artwork provided by the customer is submitted to our Design Department to verify that it meets the technical requirements specified below, in order to ensure the quality of the final result. Pad’s World is committed to email a “.jpg” proof of the artwork, once prepared for the pre-press process, with the purpose of definitive artwork acceptance by the customer.

Any submitted artworks and proofs shall be thoroughly reviewed, especially with regard to the data and/or text they might contain. Pad’s World shall not be liable for any mistake from the customer’s acceptance of artwork and order, once the manufacturing process has begun.

Any artwork confirmation notice shall be exclusively in writing, via e-mail or fax.

Given that artworks are printed on the undersurface of rather rough materials and, in fact, not 100% clear, the final printed product colour may slightly vary in hue.


Only upon customer’s request, a colour proof or cromalin can be printed. The customer shall be charged for the shipping costs and €45 per proof up to A4 or €60 per proof up to A3. In the event that a produced sample of the finished final product is required, €160 per sample shall be charged and €300 for the production costs.

2. Applicable photomechanical costs

Any production costs, standard die cutting boards, photographic plates and screens are included in the unit price set out in the published price list in force, unless otherwise stated. These tools shall be produced by Pad’s World in order to ensure a perfect finish of the products.

For silk-screen printed products with spot colours, a cost of €40 per colour shall be charged (for orders over 5,000 pieces, free of charge).

Pantone spot colours or metallic inks shall be quoted separately and be deemed as special inks with a corresponding additional cost.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the artwork includes patterns, gradients or shadows, it shall be deemed four-colour process, i.e. full-colour.

Production costs do not include art creation, layout or scanning services. Pad’s World offers these services at €24 per hour.

Custom formats are available and shall incur a cost of approx. €180-200 per tool, depending on the difficulty of manufacturing the die cutting board.

3. Software, formats and mediums for submitting your artworks

MACINTOSH (Mac OsX) or PC (Windows)


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe Indesign | Freehand | Corel Draw | QuarkXpress

Formats (filename extension):

• Spot colours – Pantone .ai | .fh | .cdr

• Four-colour process – full colour .tiff | .eps | .pdf | .jpg | .ind | .indd


Physical media shall be sent by post or courier: CD | DVD | USB

Files can be sent online too:

• Email files up to 25MB

• For larger files (>25MB), please use: | | Ftp

4. Artworks – technical requirements

For full-colour printing artworks:

Artworks shall be supplied at exactly 300DPI resolution, neither more nor less points.

Colour mode shall be CMYK; files in RGB colour mode shall not be accepted.

Requirements for all the artworks:

A type size of 6pt is the minimum required, in order to ensure the text is readable.

Artworks shall be saved at the actual size of the requested format, plus 3mm bleed all around your artwork to allow for variations in cutting.

Whenever possible, artworks shall be sent along with a hard proof, to compare it with the submitted file.

If you are emailing your file, please always check that it is not larger than 25MB. Compression software is recommended (StuffIt, WinZip, WinRar, WinAce, etc.).


Please supply all fonts used within your artwork. Otherwise, please convert all fonts to outlines (vector curves).

Microsoft Office files shall be avoided (Word, Excel, Power Point…), since these programs do not allow either colour separation or optimal resolution for printing. If we reproduce this kind of file at 72DPI, the final result will present a poor image quality and undesirable colour variations.

Remember that the best quality is guaranteed by an artwork in perfect condition.

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