The waste of natural resources and the inability of the environment to assimilate all the waste generated by humans are the main cause of the environmental problems that affect us. Our responsibility and commitment is focused on reducing the effects of climate change by conducting adequate environmental management that preserves the environment by promoting the sustainable use of raw materials and natural resources. Aware of this, we have created a new line of products that promote their recycling, reulization and biodegradation to reduce waste and generate the least possible environmental impact.


Improving the planet begins with a simple action ... Reuse! Give a second use and consume reusable products is mandatory to fight against one of the main environmental problems such as waste.

Each year, more than 2,100 million tons of waste are produced (the equivalent to filling more than 800,000 Olympic swimming pools), caused mainly by plastic. The level of waste produced has accelerated in recent decades and only 16% (323 million tons) of that waste is recycled.

In nature, garbage does not exist, everything is reused or recycled, but we live in a throwaway society where we use products once and it becomes garbage that ends up in landfills, oceans, lakes and rivers.

We can all live sustainably and help to build a better world. The decisions we make and the lifestyle we lead have a huge impact on our planet, it all starts with Reuse. Join our green challenge!

Respectful with the environment, made with recycled, recyclable material and biodegradable, designed for a sustainable lifestyle


If we reduce the consumption of disposable products such as glasses, bottles, packaging, etc. We reduce energy expenditure, the contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere generated in its manufacture and also reduce the waste produced in its consumption, minimizing the impact generated on the environment.

The objective is to change the consumption habits of society, making them more responsible and sustainable, thus laying the foundation to solve one of the great ecological problems of today's society.


The main objective of recycling is based on the fact that waste must be treated as resources in order to transform it back into raw material to create new reusable products and thus extend their useful life to reduce the waste generated by the products of a only use.

Contribute to build a better world and join our "green challenge", everything starts from home with the recycling of waste that we generate in our day, separates waste into three parts:

1. Yellow Container: plastics such as bottles, glasses or bags, brik containers, cans and plates.

2. Blue Container: paper and cardboard such as packaging, boxes, envelopes, newspaper, etc.

3. Green container: glass such as bottles, glasses, container containers, containers, etc.


Our line of biodegradable products have the ability to decompose naturally and ecologically in a maximum period of 5 years and it does not pollute the environment, even it is transformed into compost for the earth.

How do we get it? In the base material that we use for each of our products we incorporate an enzymatic additive that will perform the biodegradation function when conditions are favorable for it, (living organic matter of the soil, temperature and humidity), at this time the product biodegrades at 100% transforming into CO2 + Biomass + H2O.

The Biodegradation option is applicable to a wide selection of our products, check Bio availability.


The products you will find in this catalog are made from discarded bottles and recycled or recyclable material.

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