Creating a custom desk calendar is a great way to increase the visibility of your brand or business.


Desk calendars are not only relatively affordable to produce and purchase, but are also an ideal way to subtly advertise your brand.

Unlike promotional items like t-shirts or mugs that are used once and thrown away, desk calendars offer monthly value for 12 months. This means that anyone who receives your calendar will see it frequently and hopefully think of your business every time they see it.


In addition to being useful and providing great visibility for your business, creating custom desk calendars is also a fun project to do with your coworkers at the office as part of a team building exercise.

In this post, we'll show you how to create custom desk calendars for your business.


Why should you create a custom desktop calendar for your business?


A desk calendar can be a very effective marketing tool for your business, especially if your brand is not yet well known. Recipients of the calendar will not only remember your business every time they see it, but they will also be able to pass the calendar along to their friends and family, further increasing your brand visibility.


Depending on your industry and the type of products you sell, desk calendars can be a particularly effective marketing tool. For example, if your business sells insurance or financial services, a calendar is a practical gift that your customers might enjoy receiving. If your brand is associated with a cause, such as charity or environmental issues, a desk calendar is also an ideal marketing tool. Recipients of the calendar will see your brand every month, and you can use the calendar to promote your cause in subtle ways.


  If you want to create a custom desk calendar to promote your business, you have several options. You can create a regular desk calendar or a wall calendar, or you can create a desk calendar that can be hung on the wall if you like, as well as use our printable calendars on a mouse pad or desk pad. desk thus being essential elements in every workplace.


Choose how to make your calendar and decide the publication date


When choosing a company that can customize your company calendars or for your marketing action, you should take into account the design options available and the features that best suit your needs. At Padsworld you can find a large number of ideas and models to customize your calendar.

Calendar design and layout options may vary depending on the media chosen, you can customize your calendar with your branding and information such as your company name, address, and products and services, along with any photos or graphics of your products and services. And also decide when you want your calendar to start, the traditional thing is that they start in January, but we can customize, design and manufacture calendars with any start date and duration.


Deciding on design and branding options


The design and branding options, whether you create a desk calendar or a wall calendar, or decide on a mouse pad format, in which you can include all the representative elements of your brand or company, giving it an exclusive touch with photographs or motivating phrases that will mark the rhythm of each month on the calendar. At Padsworld our design department will accompany you at all times giving you ideas about the formats and adjusting your design in the most optimal way so that the printing result is spectacular. This phase is very important since it will mark what the people you give the calendar to see during the next twelve months.




Many of our clients decide every year for one of the supports for calendars that we have, wall, cabin, mouse pad or desk pad, they even combine various styles to improve the visibility of your company or brand throughout year.


The investment compared to the scope of customizing one of our calendars for 2023, is always cheap given the scope of the brand or company image, being a very useful element in any office or office, having a physical calendar in which be able to make notes or see what are the important dates.


It is without a doubt the star element at the end of the year that is always given as a gift or custom to all customers by many companies.