Cup 400 ml

400F ml Food-grade PP Polypropylene reusable


Reusable and recyclable cup 400 ml capacity. Perfect for festivals, sport events, fairs, congresses, popular parties, etc. Biodegradable Option.

Material: Polyprophylene PP with foodgrade certificate for alimentary use and free of chlores and bisphenol. Polyprophylene is perfect for reusage and recycling due to the advantage of being lightweight, high resistance and elasticity, the cup will not break falling on the ground or the floor, allows machine washing and microwave use, available opaque and translucent options.                                          


Printing:  We use the best available printing techniques for the personalization of our cups, printing IML full colour (with the printed label inside the mould) permitting personalization of the cup in 360º degree surface, screen printing and single colour, thermosensitive inks FeelCup what react and change colour with cold drinks at 6 degrees Celsius and hot drinks at 45 degrees Celsius (temperature adjustable ink) or neutral without any impression. 

Accessories: Lid, cane, cup holder.



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